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A few bits of news.  First off, I have lost all of my work on the demo mainly because of my own ignorance and clumsiness.  I accidentally forgot to save the demo folder when I was doing some repairs on my hard drive.  I did save all of the engine scripts for the game, but all of the demo was lost.  With this said, I have decided to give up on the demo and to spend more time making better code.  Up until recently, the code was fairly sloppy and poorly written.  I've started to go through it, fixing it up and making it run a lot smother.  
The game has not been canceled, and production will continue along again now that I have once again rediscovered time to work on it as I have beaten all of my video games now.  I have also started a re-redesign of the site, but have no clue when it will be done because I will be spending a lot of time on the game.  
On another note, I have got much of the battle system done, and it now supports multiple party members.  Also, I've started redesigning the graphics, drawing them slightly farther away from the old school Nintendo graphics.  I'm not sure if I will go with all out super famicom graphics (because I suck at art), or if I will just slightly upgrade them.  Maybe I'll post anther screenshot some time, but who knows.  Until next time, umm... yeah.

I'd like to thank everyone who has mailed me with ideas for the game, and MageSlime of Dragon-Warrior.com for the neat little comic.

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